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The Easy Guide Auto Injector – Pain Free


Don’t like injections? No Problem! The auto injector needle guide assistant makes needle phobia, injection anxiety, and pain a thing of the past.

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Fast Easy Pain-Free! The Easy Guide Auto-Injector is a Game Changer

Built from high quality materials, beautifully designed and impressive functionality guarantees an easy and painless injection every time.


  • The injector is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring convenient and safe injection.

  • It offers greater drug efficiency, reducing anxiety and needle phobia, and providing the right injection angle (90 degrees) and correct speed force.

  • The design ensures stability at needle penetration, LED light to prevent over-pressing, controlled tissue expansion, and less injection pain.

  • It aims to minimize side effects, provide controlled delivery with target deposit, and allow aspiration check to avoid direct deposit in vessels.

  • The injector is equipped with a needle shield to eliminate needle exposure, safety lock, and childproof features.

  • It offers a choice of needle extension depth for IM/SC injections, keeps the needle steady, and enables self-injection.

  • The design is user-friendly and easy to use

* No refunds on medical devices. The device has been thoroughly tested by an accredited institution for a 10 year service life.


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